Do you own or operate an above ground car park or a parking lot?

Choosing MQ Real Estate as your project partner you can, as the owner, optimize your property without having to invest yourself. Our SKYPARK hotel concept can be realized on top of car parks and above parking lots as well as on top of existing buildings, to develop their upward potential.
Our high-quality modular hotel buildings remain mobile and can always be removed, relocated or even incorporated into new concepts of use, giving us the flexibility not only to purchase but also to rent.
car park before

car park before

MQ SKYPARK concept

MQ SKYPARK concept

We invest, you profit – from the very beginning. We verify the feasibility of building up on your property or building, at our own cost and risk. It is on us to check the architectural, structural, fire-safety and building permit requirements and conditions as well as the possibilities for connecting to utilities and infrastructure for the planned hotel building.

With us as a partner, owners and operators profit.

What we are looking for

  • Buildings of all types that can be built up further
  • Above ground car parks and garages
  • parking lots
  • undeveloped properties

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Locations we are looking for

  • Prime and secondary locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich. Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart as well as in all major, central-european cities.
  • Prime locations in secondary cities