We are going in our own unique, new direction. We start to build where others stop.

Our Mission is to revitalize unused city hot-spots
by building up with sustainable modular units.

We find hidden potential for added value.

Our SKYPARK hotel concept reflects the spirit of the times with its modular densification, promoting a sustainable, future-oriented urban development.

Hotel development


We plan modular hotels on top of car parks, above parking lots and on top of existing buildings in European cities. Additionally we work on behalf of established hotel operators within the economy and midscale segment.

Modular construction


We focus on highly standardized, modular construction produced in series and with consequent use of ecological materials.Once placed our prefabricated modular buildings remain mobile and can always be removed, relocated or even incorporated into new concepts of use. This allows us to use and build on properties on a lease basis.



We examine the technical and feasibility of a project at our own cost and risk. We offer well developed and established solutions.

Expert opinion

We allow new ideas to grow and turn visions into reality.

Our new concept for urban development brings out the true potential of best-located yetunderestimated spaces, especially the top car park decks
Dr. Nikolai A. Jäger
Björn-M. Hiss

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